Have questions about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)? STD411 has answers, along with test site information and other resources in Massachusetts.


Think you don't need to worry about STDs? Think again. The reality is that if you have sex, you're at risk. Get tested regularly so that you know where you stand, and can get treatment if you need it.


Sure, thinking about STDs is scary, but having one and not knowing is even scarier. And a lot of the time, STDs can be treated. Getting tested can prevent you from getting sick down the road, and from spreading an infection to others. Get tested now, so you have the info you need to stay healthy.

Think an STD test isn't for you? Think about this:

  • Many STDs don’t have symptoms. You might have one and not even know it.
  • Most STDs are treatable.
  • Screening is easy. Sometimes all you do is pee in a cup.
  • There’s a test location near you, and it’s free.
  • No one needs to know you're taking a test. It's confidential.
  • Taking a test and waiting for results can be stressful, but to protect your health, it's better to know if you have an STD.
  • If you have sex, you could have an STD, so get tested. It's the only way to know for sure.

Have questions? Want to talk anonymously with someone who knows the facts about STDs? Call the STD hotline at
1-800-235-2331 or email us at STD411@aac.org.

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